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Is employee on-boarding and training a worthless waste of time?

I have been thinking about the business owner I met recently. We were at a social event, just chatting. When I told him what I do for a living--helping employers get the most out of their workforce--he was interested in my advice.

As he explained, his business is growing fast and he's eager, almost desperate, to hire. His problem, though, is he can't find people who automatically know how to do his job the way he wants it to be done. When I pressed, he said he doesn't have time to on-board or train new employees.

I think he thought I would confirm his opinion: yes, employee on-boarding and training has no impact on a worker's ability to be successful at work.

The only thing I could confirm is: yes, I suppose it is hard to find mind-readers.

The notion that on-boarding & training is superfluous is not uncommon. Not only is it misguided. It's likely detrimental to the success of the business.

Garbage in a dumpster
What if employee on-boarding and training is just garbage?

A business that is unwilling to put the structure in place to ensure employee success at the beginning is probably not going to assemble and implement effective policies and practices to engage and inspire their people throughout their tenure.

For many business leaders, this culture stuff is malarkey.

Hey, I get it: "Come in. Do your job. And I'll give you a paycheck in exchange."

That should be enough, right?

If business owners and executives are going to be successful in sustaining and growing their businesses, they need to be intentional and thoughtful about their people practices.

After all, people are how business gets done.

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