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Employee Engagement Strategies

The Top 3 Employee Engagement Strategies

Engaged employees outperform others who are disengaged and unhappy at their job. One way that companies can increase their profitability, earn credibility, and hire great employees is to create effective employee engagement policies and strategies. The more engaged an employee happens to be, the less likely of high turnover rates.


If you are a company looking to increase employee engagement, here are 3 ways to implement today.




Set a Clear Path for Success


When employees first work at your company, they are excited to learn their new position and overcome what challenges they may face.


More than the position they are currently in, the employee who stays at your company wants to know how to succeed.


Outline a process that shows them where they can go and how far they can get promoted in your company.


This guide provides a long-term mindset that will benefit the whole company. This long-term mindset also allows them to see their future and your company working together.


Celebrate good work


According to the Gallup poll, only one in three employees received recognition for work well done. Create an employee engagement programs to highlight employee successes. The study also found that money isn't the only, and even isn't the most effective type of recognition. The study revealed aside from acknowledgment, making the team aware of what success looks like is also important.


Your employees need to know that the work they do matters. Small gestures are all it takes. For example, encouraging colleagues to celebrate small to big wins alike. The support and approval from fellow workers help to build camaraderie and trust. This ultimately builds an emotional connection within your team. It increases their likelihood to invest in their next project, and to devote themselves to success.


Define a Sense of Purpose


More than just a job well done, successful employee engagement answers a question of what am I doing here? As the work population evolves, including the Millennial generation, collecting a paycheck is no longer the end all be all for the workforce. There are more complex questions to be answered such as, what am I doing here? Does the work I do matter?


As a company, if you can explain your business values and employee's work in a way that helps them see their bigger purpose in the larger picture, you can offer them work that provides meaning. Even on the hard days, this will keep employees coming back and putting in their best work.


If your work contributes to an outside goal or community, keep photos or develop a check-in board to keep employees up to date about how their work is adding the success of the community or population your business is dedicated.


When you increase employee engagement, they are motivated and ready to contribute to your goals is essential to success in the business world.


Creating a strong bond fortified by meaning and trust is the best way to keep quality employees. Motivate them to do their best job by ensuring a positive work environment. Work recognition and alignment to a meaningful purpose are effective engagement strategies.


With 20 years of experience in employee engagement programs, you can depend on Applegate Talent to create the company culture you have always wanted.

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