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Employee Satisfaction

  5 Ways to Increase Employee Motivation

If you are looking to create staff motivation, engagement and satisfaction then read more below.


  What is Employee Motivation?


To understand how to create, you first must understand. “What is employee motivation?”


Motivation is the internal push that drives their next action to complete a job.


To motivate an employee, you must understand that it is a complex force that is affected by many internal and external forces. To know what will work with your employees, realize all people are different. It is good to know that every person has unique activities, people, and goals in their life that they find motivating.


Here are 5 ways to encourage staff engagement and employee satisfaction.


  Empowering Leadership through Meaningful Management


Ensuring your leadership is empowering through meaningful management looks like:


  • Treating each employee with respect

  • Employee recognition

  • Involving employees in decisions

  • Regular communication about relevant business decisions




Management who choose to involve employees in important aspects of the process create employee satisfaction.


  3 Guidelines to Create Employee Satisfaction


Keep rules to a minimum, and post them in an easy to read place.


1. Creating an environment that allows creative flexibility with only policies needed to legally protect your company encourages employee satisfaction and creative forces. Being able to find and easily read any policies or rules is important to keep everyone on the same page.


2. Creating a professional environment where you can communicate workforce expectations will help other employees feel secure in their efforts. Easily address any unprofessional behaviors when clear expectations are expressed.


3. Inspire employee motivation with the right people


Giving the right tools and information is pivotal to good decisions. Including all employees in a workforce, a decision is important to their motivation but can backfire if they are unable to have all the accurate information to make a good decision.


To help promote employee motivation, it is important to include them in the decisions that directly affect their work-life balance.


  Encourage Employees to Voice their Opinion


Encouraging a work environment that empowers employee involvement is great for employee motivation and satisfaction. Encourage involvement through some following ideas:


  • Encourage decisions that improve workflow or process

  • Recognize those whose decisions create work improvements

  • Keep the company mission, values, and goals displayed for all employees to view

  • Consider coaching mentality. Ask thoughtful questions from the sideline, and encourage employees to find a better way to approach an issue. Keep failure out of the equation when teaching a lesson.


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