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Employee Engagement Companies

  How To Keep Staff Engagement High: Getting Started

Are you looking for employee engagement companies?


Top companies know that engaged employees are the most productive. Creating an engaged employee culture is essential to company success. But, let's look at a few commonly asked questions.


  What is staff engagement? Why is it important?


A staff that feels engaged by their work comes to work ready to accomplish their daily tasks with vigor and excitement. They like what they are doing and derive purpose from it.


Staff engagement reduces turnover rates, increases production, and creates a culture of satisfaction. Employees who feel engaged in a positive way at work are happier, at work and in their home lives. This translates to solutions that keep customers longer and happier.


  Employee Engagement Company Case Study: Hilton


Engaged and motivated environments are sought after and attract the best talent. To learn what it is that sets these top apart from the rest, we took a look at Hilton. According to, it is a #1 rated company that keeps top talent coming back.


To understand the daily operations, Hilton leadership implemented a senior leadership immersion program. This connected senior leadership with the fundamental "back house" operations of the hotel. During a three-day span, senior leaders gained hands-on experience on the ground level.


What made them decide to do this? Most employee and leadership programs stemmed from an understanding of the work being done. The first-hand experience of the work provided authentic insight. Seeing the leadership initiative also encouraged the staff. It let the employees know their work was valuable. Translating into increased employee morale.


After the experience, it was easier to streamline processes and increase efficiencies.


Hilton took this initiative to the next level and created a virtual immersion program. This virtual experience provided more immersion experiences. It included areas such as finance, brand management, and more. Their success with these initiatives shows that staff engagement is good for the entire company. It creates a long-lasting effect attracting the best talent.


  What is Employee Engagement Platform?


After putting an engagement initiative into place, you will need a way to know what's working. An employee engagement platform offers a way to request and store feedback reviews. One to do this is to create surveys. These can be short and sweet, but help to identify the overall feel in your workplace. Your employee engagement platform will give a customized survey option, and a way to distribute it to all employees. It is also a way to recognize and celebrate staff “wins.”


If you want to take your company to the next level and connect with employee engagement companies, contact Applegate Talent Strategies. We will work with you and your company to develop the best staff engagement concepts.

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