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Employee Relations Workshop

  Grow to the Next Level Using Employee Engagement Strategies

Unhappy employees mean unproductive employees. If you want to learn why your employees aren't engaged, you should consider an employee engagement strategy.


  What is an employee relations workshop?


An employee relations workshop is a mini class or series that provides an employee engagement strategies framework. You will cover not only the foundational concepts but also discover employee engagement strategies. These will include in-office activities, fun and serious.


When companies choose to create a culture of engagement, employees feel valued. Their work is authentic and through.


Consider these 4 employee engagement activities to get you started for your next employee engagement workshop.


  Meet and Greet


Something as simple as introducing employees to each other. If your company has many departments, your personnel may not have time to connect. Meeting others in other areas of the company is also beneficial to see an entire process put together. This will help all the employees see and understand how their work interconnects.


  Create Collaborative Projects


If you have a large project that could benefit from multiple departments, use it as an opportunity to create a collaborative project. Clearly define the end goal and each person's contribution and expectation.


  Encourage Health and Wellness


When employees are 100%, they can give their work the attention it deserves. Preventive health is an ideal option for both the individual and the company. Encouraging their proactive health care says, you matter.


  Give Employee Visibility


If your company has an online blog, create user photos and bylines. This will help connect the professional world to the company. This is the next level of authentic creation. When someone is not only representing the company brand but their own personal brand, they are much more invested.


If you are considering an employee relations workshop or would like to have one conducted, contact Applegate Talent Strategies today. We offer a variety of workshops for your business needs. Create an engaged culture that inspires your employees in alignment with your core mission.

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