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Leadership Development Workshops

  How to Develop Employee Leadership and Management Skills : Leadership Development Workshops

Leaders are the core motivators behind your staff team. They set a standard by example, and work with others to achieve their highest potential. Some are natural leaders, while others can improve their skills. Some activities like leadership development workshop or management training programs.


Let's dive into management and what role it plays in the workspace.


  Four Core Functions of Management




Planning is the first step of leadership. It is the step that connects all tasks to future goals. It creates the bridge needed to see the "other side" or end goal of the work each employee is busy doing.




When a plan is in place, each must understand their role and expectations in that role. Organization is also part of gathering available resources and using them in the most efficient way possible. Organizing is the step that paves the way into purposeful action.




Once a plan is created, resources are gathered, it is time to lead. Great managers connect with staff on a personal level. This helps increase the rapport between management and staff. It also encourages high rates of productivity and open communication. Well-developed rapport allows employees to see various tasks from a meaningful perspective.




Effective management does need controlling. This controlling aspect is related to how well current actions are meeting objectives and goals. Once goals are created, managers measure how closely they are being met. Part of controlling identifies what is not being met and then choosing appropriate actions to adjust.


At Applegate Talent Strategies, we have 20 years of experience in leadership development workshops and management training programs. Contact us to schedule your company's leadership development workshops or management training programs today.

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