A Lesson From Uber: You Are What Your Culture Says You Are – Like It or Not

The fact is, organizations are ALWAYS building their culture — whether they mean to or not.

You know what I’m talking about: Those kinds of businesses where workers spend more time yakking about all the bad management and terrible decision making going on around them than they do focusing on the job at hand.

These organizations may not talk much about building their culture, but they’re building it all the same, and the end result is a workplace culture that the very best people are simply happy to survive and eventually move along from.

Cultures don’t happen by accident

Yes, great cultures are the product of smart, caring, and concerned management, but dysfunctional organizations have cultures that are the product of just as much attention — even if it is the wrong kind.

Workplace culture is always a good topic to tackle, but even more so right now given the almost daily flow of negative stories from Uber on the company’s lat