Ohio’s Unemployment Rate Be Damned

Are you OK with limiting your already tight candidate pool with unnecessary and irrelevant criteria?

Maybe you saw the tweet on Friday by Ohio Department of Job & Family Services:

But, unless you're an economist, maybe you're not sure what it all means. According to analyses by two experts interviewed for a Columbus Dispatch article, "Ohio jobless rate dips to 5 percent in April even as labor force grows," the report is mostly positive. Ohio’s labor market seems to be making progress. Yay!

A Sign of Optimism.

One factor contributing to the optimism is that since December more than 100,000 people have re-entered the labor force. They've started looking for work again. Because they feel good about their employment prospects. This is viewed by economists as a sign of confidence in the economy. Yay again!

Unfortunately, just because these folks are dusting off their resumes and hitting the bricks to look for employment, it doesn’t mean they’ll get hired. In fact, as these job seekers re-enter the job market, they face significant bias (whether consciously or subconsciously) among prospective employers.

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