When War and Baby Showers Collide

Employers accommodate their employees’ work & home responsibilities to win the War for Talent

Maybe you saw the story about Fifth Third announcing a concierge service for new moms.

It's either a genius move by a savvy company intent on hanging on to valuable employees or it’s another egregious example of coddling millennials.

Wait, millennials? Aren’t millennials, like, just graduating from college? Aren’t they unemployed and living in their parents’ basements. Aren't they, by far, the laziest generation??

How can we be talking about employers trying to hang on to millennials?

As a matter of fact, Millennials have overtaken Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation, and the oldest of them (born between 1981 – 1997) is 36-years-old today. Contrary to the popular stereotype, millennials are no more or less lazy than the generations that preceded them. While we hear sensational stories of young people who struggle with adulting, many more of this generation hold professional jobs, buy homes in the suburbs, pay taxes, and have families. Indeed, most babies born today are born to millennial women.

And that, my friends, is why providing a “concierge service” for new mothers is a genius tactic, especially as the War for Talent wages on. There are three critical factors impacting the employment landscape for the foreseeable future. These critical factors are putting pressure on businesses to step up their employment retention game.