Uber’s New Chief Brand Officer: “We Need More People Who Are Nothing Like Us”

I've said it before: if you look around and everybody looks like you, then you've got a problem. Diversity is more than just black/white, male/female. We spend so much time debating definitions, and depending on which side we're on, we dig our heels in advocating for affirmative action or lambasting quotas, we lose sight of the true value of the endeavor. As Uber's Bozoma Saint John says:

"My hope for all of us, myself included, is when you’re managing people, that you’re encouraging diversity of thought, of idea, of person, of experience, of culture, of all those things.

"We need more people who are nothing like us. If you can encourage that, and hire like that, then we’ll be in a much better place."

The full interview with Ms. Saint John is below and was written by Kathleen Davis and originally published by Fast Company.

photo credit: Sarah Deragon