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How Legalized Medical Marijuana is Changing the Game

Whoever thought we would get to this place, but how will the legalization of medical marijuana impact your applicant supply—or at least your supply of applicants who can pass a drug test?

photo credit: Justin Tang, Canadian Press via Associated Press

Whatever you have been doing up to now, you’re going to have to change. You must think differently about the problems and solutions because the circumstances are now different.

I get it…! You get a ton of money off your workers compensation premiums. But your Drug Free Workplace policies and practices were developed—likely years ago—in a different environment.

The time is fast-approaching when you’ll have to use a different strategy to deal with drug use among applicants—or at least the use of marijuana. Excluding applicants solely for failing a drug test will no longer be a viable practice—especially if recreational use becomes legal.

This is just one example of something you’re going to have to figure out because what you did yesterday is irrelevant for today. To quote Bob Dylan, "The times they are a-changing."

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