What To Do When People Keep Quitting

It's all fun and games -- until people keep quitting and you can't figure it out.

Even though people need a job to earn a living, they don't need YOUR job. It's up to employers to pay attention to culture, to work environment, and to opportunities for advancement, so people WANT to work for you. After all, most people want to do inspiring work and they want to be valued and respected while doing that work. Give them that!

The original article, written by Lydia Dishman, is found at Fast Company, and appears in its entirety below.

What To Do When People Keep Quitting

Sometimes the best efforts at retention fail. Here’s how to understand why people leave, and what to do about it.

Ever notice how one person quitting their job can lead to a rush of others out the door in short order?

Whatever the reason, says Lisa Sterling, chief people officer at Ceridian, a global human capital management technology company, managing a team with high attrition requires internal changes to ensure employees feel satisfied and engaged, as well as stop further departures that can eat into the bottom line. The Bureau of National Affairs has estimated that $11 billion is lost annually due to employee turnover.


To pinpoint the source of resignations, it helps to check on broader workplace trends. Surveys suggest that many factors can fester and influence a wave of people quitting.