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If you have your health, you have everything

Are you familiar with the quote, “If you have your health, you have everything”? I’m not sure whether it was Gloria Vanderbilt or from The Princess Bride. Nonetheless, we know it to be true. To get the most out of life, to feel our best, to accomplish all that we want, we must be healthy. To be healthy, we must take care of ourselves. Generally, that means:

  • Eating fresh and simple foods

  • Exercising regularly

  • Sleeping deeply and long enough

  • Reducing “bad” stress

  • Being with people we love

  • Doing things about which we are passionate

When we’re healthy on the inside, it is reflected on the outside--healthy living manifests itself in our physical being. We’re strong. We can open jars and carry heavy groceries. We’re fit. We can climb stairs and get up out of chairs. We look good on the beach and we have energy to keep up with our kids (or grandkids), our dogs, or the guys down at the gym.

The same is true for our workforce. We have to do the right things—and in the right way—to make sure our workforce is strong and healthy.

How motivated and inspired are your employees by the work they do? How effective are your "people practices"? How confident are you in your ability to attract, retain and engage the workforce you need today? What about tomorrow, next month, next year? Objectively speaking, are your employees your competitive advantage? Do they drive your business forward or do they drag your company down?

As we set goals for ourselves to improve our health & fitness in 2018, it’s a good idea to conduct a talent assessment to see where you stand relative to your workforce. Take this quick 10 question survey of key talent issues every company faces.

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