First Thing We Do, Let’s Throw Out All the Policies

What it means to free up our workers from our oppressive company policy manuals

Free up our workers from our oppressive company policy manuals? Why that’s absolute heresy! For many people, they live and die by rules. Like Miss Manners, or Congress, they make their living by (literally) legislating how people should live their lives. As a rowdy teenager, the one rule I lived by was that rules were meant to be broken. And I’ve carried that joie de vivre with me into adulthood.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. It’s different in the “real world.” We can’t be so cavalier with our anti-rule attitude. As a small business owner, I understand. We need a guidebook to help us do our work. A guidebook that establishes how we do our work easily, safely, consistently and efficiently.

I also understand that many rules are mandated—our legislators at work. Quite frankly, I’m grateful for many laws that protect my health and safety and that establish fairness and equity.

In our businesses, though, we’ve got too many rules. Our policy manuals are stuffed full of rules and regulations. Like I said earlier, some of them we can’t do anything about. They are the law.

But the others? What purpose do they serve? These policies serve