Applegate Talent Strategies Building Best Places to Work

“Competition for talent is fierce,” says Andrea Applegate, president of Applegate Talent Strategies.

Over two decades of experience on both sides of the workforce development equation has given Applegate a unique perspective to start her own consulting practice that’s transforming businesses into great places to work. It’s a competitive edge in attracting and retaining the right talent it today’s tight market.

Applegate spent a dozen years at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, working with employers on staffing challenges like hard-to-fill positions and addressing skill gaps. Through the Chamber, Applegate also had a hand in community-wide initiatives that address the workforce gap from different angles, like and the live work play Columbus campaign.

When Applegate left the Chamber, she took on various leadership roles in nonprofits providing services to job seekers, including IT-focused training program Per Scholas. It was these dual perspectives that she says, “Helped me see that there was a gap between what employers need and what they were expecting, and what the workforce “system” was providing.”

Through Applegate Talent Strategies, she’ll work to bridge that gap one client at a time.