Is Your Company Among the Top Workplaces of 2017?

Why it’s important to be considered on a list of great places to work. And what to do if you weren’t.

Columbus CEO magazine released its list of Top Workplaces for 2017. Seventy Central Ohio companies made the list. Did yours? If not, why not? Columbus CEO partnered with WorkplaceDynamics to compile the list. Out of 1,000+ companies invited to participate, 113 organizations—and the 26,834 people employed by them—were surveyed. The responses to those surveys were compiled to reveal 70 Columbus-area employers that scored high enough to earn “Top Workplaces” honors.

While being a great place to work should be the ultimate goal for every employer, rankings and ratings like Top Workplaces can be a valuable component of your company’s talent strategy. If you didn’t participate, why not?

We Didn’t Want to Fill Out the Paperwork.

Yeah, I get that. It’s a hassle. And who needs more work? On the contrary, the Top Workplaces survey is administered and analyzed by an independent third party; but the data collected provides a treasure trove of information for bosses and leaders—which makes it well worth the “hassle factor” of being involved. The surveys are designed for employees to show their level of agreement with statements like:

  • I believe the company is going in the right direction

  • My job makes me feel like I am part of something meaningful

  • My manager helps me learn and grow

When your employees answer questions like these, you know exactly where you stand. And you know where you need to focus your attention to improve how your employees experience working for you. Best of all, when you participate in a survey like Columbus CEO’s Top Workplaces, you don’t do the heavy lifting. You get someone else, someone who is expert in the field, to do the work.