Why Is PTO Still A Damn Nightmare?

Is it just me? Am I the only one who thinks this is madness? Maybe you work for a company that holds tight to archaic vacation and sick time programs. How's that working for you? Annoying?

A key element required of the modern workplace is the ability for workers to be able accommodate both their work and home responsibilities. Employees need the ability to take time from work--without penalty or judgement--get stuff done. And they should be trusted like the grown-ups that they are to do this.

What drives me bonkers are POLICIES (i.e., banked sick time paid out later) or ATTITUDES (i.e., I don't believe you're sick) that encourage employees to come in sick. Where's the sense in that?

[You know what? "I got an eye problem. I can't see coming into work today." That's legit. Get over it.]

What about TARDY policies encouraging people to drive like maniacs to avoid being 30 seconds late. And when they do arrive late, they slink off back home to call in sick. Because, you know, the system is set up so it's better to NOT SHOW UP AT ALL RATHER THAN BE LATE. Wait, what?

The point is, companies that hold tight to these silly practices will lose out in the end. Fewer workers will put up with that monkey business. They'll choose to take their talents elsewhere.

Here's the original post that set me off: