How Hiring Managers Silently Judge You Based On Your Looks

[Photo: courtesy of Fairygodboss]

So, no surprises here. Only disappointment. And we can do better.

Fast Company recently profile a report prepared by Fairygodboss, an employer review site for women, which uncovers the persistent biases and stereotypes that are held by people who make hiring decisions about female job seekers.

The 2017 report is titled, "The Grim Reality of Being a Female Job Seeker: If you're overweight, not 'nice'-looking, older or a minority, you won't be hired." The findings are based on research of 500 hiring professionals to better understand how gender bias and personal appearance impacts women's employment prospects.

The report's conclusion offers advice to women job seekers that there are "specific factors women can be wary of -- and perhaps manipulate -- to decrease their chances of being superficially judged during the hiring process."