Oops! Amazon did it again

Did you catch the article in last week's Columbus Business First, Shifting strategies, Amazon opens its doors to discuss workforce training program, which describes Amazon's "community workforce development program."

Amazon is launching in Central Ohio a workforce program it calls Career Choice. Hourly employees will be able to apply for 95-percent tuition match up to $3,000 a year to go back to school (in classrooms at Amazon's facilities) to earn degrees in several high-demand areas, including commercial driving and healthcare. From the article:

"Amazon hires lots of entry-level employees to work in our fulfillment centers in our operations network," Johnson said. "We want to then introduce them to Career Choice and the option to study and get an education to improve their skills in things they’re passionate about.

"And then, to have them move when they complete into middle- and higher-skilled jobs, whether they’re at Amazon or elsewhere."

Yeah, that's right, Amazon is improving the skills of its workers so they (the workers) can move out of their current jobs. Like, on purpose. Amazon is paying for degrees in fields that have nothing necessarily to do with working at Amazon, but are in high demand in the local economy. And when, as a result of their new-found education, employees take their talents to other companies, Amazon considers that a win -- a successful outcome.