The cost of workplace incivility on your business

Here’s a bold statement for you: All employees—regardless of title, salary, work history or level of education—want to do inspiring work, and they want to be valued and respected while doing that work.

Employees who experience these three things at work are engaged. With these three things, they are able to love what they do. They love who they do it for. They love why they do it.

When we allow our employees to feel inspired, valued and respected, we set the stage for them to be engaged.

Wait. What do I mean by “allowing”? Isn’t it the responsibility of the employees to do this for themselves?

Well, yes and no. It’s especially instructive when we look at the “no.”

There are circumstance where, despite how hard the employee tries to care or how much the employee tries to do the right thing, the employee is going to lose. Somewhere along the way there is something at work that prevents the employee from being his or her best.

Put Your Head Down. Keep Your Chin Up.

When this happens, we give them suggestions of how to handle themselves. The advice we give to those employees is essentially to put their heads down, do their work, and try to stay out of the line of sight. And, for God's sake, don't complain, lest you incite the wrath of someone in charge.

In my work, I engage companies who are challenged by their workforce and complain about, among other thing