Culture, Smulture. Amiright?

Culture, Smulture. Amiright?

For many, this culture stuff is malarkey. Employee engagement is just coddling a bunch of snowflakes who need to learn how to grow up, join the real world, and learn the meaning of hard work. And do it all without crying to Mommy or getting a trophy for participation.

Hey, I get it. I got your employee engagement right here: "Come in. Do your job. And you'll get a paycheck in exchange." That should be enough, amiright?

If only that 20th century approach worked in a 21st century environment.

Culture is an essential factor in employee engagement. There is a direct line between employee engagement and employee productivity. And productivity directly impacts a business' profitability. When employees are fully engaged in their work, they are producing more, selling more, serving more. Whatever it is your business does, you're employees are doing more of it.

If your employees are not working at their full potential (because they're not engaged in their work), your company is not earning at its full capacity.

OK, so I see the connection between productivity and profitability. But I'm certain my employees are "engaged."

Odds are, they are not. Research consistently shows that 2/3 to 3/4 of the US workforce is not "actively engaged" at work (Gallup, 2018). That means, at best, employees come to work and do exactly the minimum. Not a bit more.

Hey, I'll take that hassle-free deal every day of the week. Imagine: Employees who get their work done and don't give me any trouble? Sounds like a dream!