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Are you welcoming people in or pushing them out the door?

The so-called War for Talent rages on. And the Great Resignation continues. What are employers to do? We advise our clients to build -- or strengthen -- their Cultures of Retention so they can keep the employees they already have. At the very least, we strive to help them quit doing those things that push people out the door.

What could a business do that pushes people out the door? Plenty. And it's mostly related to issues that could be addressed with strong and intentional efforts toward true diversity, equity & inclusion.

You see, DEI is not solely a social justice issue or a moral imperative, it's a straight-up workforce concern. If you're not always paying attention to DEI, and course-correcting when you discover you're doing it wrong (which you invariably are!), you're leaving productivity on the table and, worse yet, you're likely pushing people out the door.

Here's one DEI tactic you can implement right away. Many of us assume because it worked for us, it must work for everyone. That's the wrong way of framing the issue. It puts the onus on those people over there to do better. If they didn't do it or get it or learn it, it must be because they didn't try hard enough.

Our evidence? We did it and it worked out fine for us. Of course, that doesn't mean anything. If we want to make a difference we need to pay attention to those for whom it (whatever it is) doesn't work.

Let's consider the following instead:

  • who might this thing not work for?

  • who does not have access to this opportunity?

  • who is not in the room?

  • who is not getting this information?

Instead of thinking about who it's easy for, think about who it's hard for. And fix that for them. That's one thing you can do right away that will help people feel like yours is truly a place for them.

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