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Employee engagement results are out -- and it's not good

In case you missed it, the results from the latest Gallup survey on engagement is out. The bad news: employee engagement is down. And the percentage of workers who are disgruntled and disloyal is up.

But you knew that already. You see it in your own people.

From the report, "Among the engagement elements Gallup measures, the greatest declines were in clarity of expectations, having the right materials and equipment, and the opportunity for workers to do what they do best." [emphasis added]

Notice that high wages are not on the list. Wages MUST be fair and equitable. That is a given. Otherwise, nothing else that you do matters. But throwing money at exhausted, disgruntled workers does not solve anything. Enticing people with signing bonuses to come work in a toxic environment or a workplace that has poor people practices is not an effective strategy.

What can you do? "Actively practice employee engagement fundamentals -- senior management involvement, communication, upskilling managers and accountability. These time-tested fundamentals consistently lead to improvements in engagement and performance, regardless of the surrounding disruptions."

This is what we do at Applegate Talent Strategies. We are organizational consultants with expertise in workforce & talent who help employers create a positive work environment that leads to a culture of retention, productivity, and engagement.

We help our clients get the best from their employees while ensuring their people have the best experience at work.

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