If retention is a Recruitment Strategy, what are you doing to retain your employees?

Did you see the recent "Saturday Essay" in the Wall Street Journal titled, The Real Meaning 0f Freedom at Work? Ooo, we've had some lively conversations about it at Applegate Talent Strategies' HQ!

In it, Adam Grant argues that the rise of remote work during the pandemic is just one part of a generational shift that is redefining how and why we do our work. As an executive or a business owner, you may be thinking this generational shift doesn't apply to you. As a boss or a supervisor, you may be thinking it's way above your pay grade.

You would be wrong.

As with all generational shifts throughout history, it is wise to adapt. Otherwise, you will find yourself left behind wondering what happened.

Today, workers from up and down the spectrum -- and it doesn't matter which spectrum we are talking about: age, education, title, salary, responsibility, etc. -- workers up and down are saying they have had enough. (Indeed, you may be saying you have had enough.) These people are not bad people. They just don't want to do it this way anymore. They are quitting in search of companies -- of employers -- who are doing it a better way. And if they can't find those companies, they are doing it for themselves. (See: Start-Up Boom in the Pandemic is Growing Stronger from the New York Times.)