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Trouble hanging on to workers? Part-time jobs may be a solution.

Two recent articles have come across my desk -- both on the topic of the increasing prevalence of part-time jobs.

"These jobs soared during the pandemic — and they're here to stay" published in the June 25 online edition of Columbus Business First and "Why traditionally full-time jobs are turning part-time" from the June 27 e-newsletter edition of WorkLife Briefing.

According to the latter, "The boost in part-time work in traditionally white-collar industries is allowing employers to attract talented workers who may not be able to work in other arrangements, and allows companies to keep labor costs down while still employing highly knowledgeable and experienced staff, experts say."

According to the former, "Part-time jobs can be a useful tool for companies to bring hesitant workers back into the labor force — especially older workers — or to offer a way for retirement-age workers to dial things back without quitting entirely."

Employers having trouble finding and/or keeping workers may want to consider converting a job to part-time. Many workers need flexibility in order to accomplish everything that is required of them at home and expected of them at work.

If you, as a boss and employer can accommodate that flexibility, you'll likely enjoy a more stable workforce.

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