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What is this "Inclusion" you speak of?

"DEI interventions must be designed with the most vulnerable community in mind."

That is what inclusion means. We must open up the door wide enough so that every person can fit in. If even one person can't fit through the door, that person is excluded and our efforts have failed. It doesn't matter how hard we tried, we didn't get it right. We didn't do enough.

We learn from this Forbes article, Does DEI Focus Too Much On Black People?, that in every community across the globe, the darker the skin tone, the more pervasive the discrimination and marginalization. Indeed, "Within every culture and society in the world, Blackness, Black-adjacency, or Black proximity leads to adverse outcomes."

Therefore, that's where we must focus our DEI efforts, systems, processes, etc. -- addressing the needs of Black people.

When our current and future Black employees feel fully supported at work, we'll know that's when we've succeeded.

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