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What's worse than quitting a job and leaving?

Did you see O.C. Tanner's 2020 Global Culture Report? Workplace culture and everyday employee experiences go hand in hand. And both are more critical than leaders imagine.

A key takeaway is the need to train managers to be better leaders and bosses. Managing people isn't easy. Nor is it obvious. People are hard. Even the best among us needs help. Companies must be intentional about training their leaders to build trust and have positive interactions with their people.

You see, most managers I talk to are under the [mistaken] impression that, when evaluating the culture of the organization, it's their perspective that matters. The reality is it doesn't matter at all how the manager sees it. It only matters how their employees experience work. And if employees don't feel good about where they work, the work isn't going to get done in the most productive manner.

All employees want to do inspiring work, and they want to be valued and respected while doing that work. How are you, as a boss, a manager, a leader of people, inspiring your employees to do great work? How are you demonstrating for the people who work for you that you value and respect them?

If employees don't get what they want (from a job or from a manager), they'll go work someplace else. Or worse, they'll quit ... but stay collecting a paycheck.

The answer to the question: What's worse than quitting a job and leaving? Quitting a job and staying. How many people have quit working for you but are still on your payroll?

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