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You should never assume

Remember that old saying, "Never assume. When you do, it makes an ass out of you and me." The advice holds.

It's a lonely road when you assume. You think everyone's bought in. Then you look back and nobody's there.

Never assume that people

  • Read what you send them

  • Understand what you've told them

  • Agree with your position

  • Have the same level of knowledge as you

  • Choose to spend their time in the way you want them to

  • Think it's the same level of importance as you do

  • Believe it's as urgent or even a priority

  • Or give a damn

You are better served when you approach every interaction assuming that people

  • Haven't read what you sent them

  • Don't get it

  • Are ignorant of the nuances

  • Disagree with you

  • Don't want to put in the effort

  • Or, at the very least, don't give a damn

When you do those things you will have set realistic expectations, which means you'll rarely be disappointed. Instead, you will spend the time and you will do the work to get people where you need them to be.

Instead of just assuming.

And then you're out there all by yourself wondering what happened ... where it all went wrong.

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